You cannot place a new order from your country.



A family, a name, traditions.

One locally finds the first traces of the Hostomme family from the very start of the 16th century. Its history is registered a such indelible print with Chouilly Grand Vintage of Champagne and its prestigious Côte of the White. At the end of the 19th century Paul Hostomme gives up the mixed-farming, to devote itself only to the culture of the vine and the production of grapes, the trade of the Champagne wines making in this end of century important great strides.
Alas! an underhand enemy, since invisible attacked the Champenois vineyard, that it destroyed (between 1880 and 1910); after having been a local leader of the fight against will phylloxéra, it took an active part in the reconstitution of the vineyard by developing the technique of the graft technic of the vine. About 1930, to try this time to escape from the economic crisis and the price-cutting from the grapes, it encourages his Marcel son to be initiated with the techniques of wine making and modestly they start to work out their first vintage, which will be marketed under the mark M. Hostomme.
Today it is the back small son of Paul, Laurent who is with the orders of the family exploitation, that three generations before him made evolve/move by increasing and diversifying the vineyard and the vintages. The current production respects the traditions and the wine culture, installations not these four generations of impassioned vine growers who constitute the modest history of our family.